VMA Wars: Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift

Image Credit: Google Image
Image Credit: Google Image

Wow that is all I can say. Yesterday the whole twitter universe blew up with the live twitter war between Grammy Award winning singer Taylor Swift  and the Queen of hip hop Nicki Minaj. Listen my eyes were open in disbelief, and saying to myself is this actually happening right now, well it was. It all started with the unveiling of the 2015 VMA nominations. It all went left when Nicki tweeted:

Then Taylor responded:


Ok here is my thing, if this unnecessary beef continues somebody is going to get hurt that is my fear. What example is this setting for young girls that fighting over a statue is more important than being civil. Dr. Martin Luther King stood for peace if we are going to mention race in this matter. We are women in the fight to prove that we are not just mothers or housewives. We are intelligent, we have the ability to bring forth life, and we are the strong hold to a family. Now Nicki and Taylor are both talented individuals so why argue, there is more important things to argue about. For instance why are innocent people dying in the streets and in military recruiting buildings.

Now please grill up this beef and eat it because young little girls are watching you.


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