Focus: (A Girl Devotional Series)

My eyes are ever on the Lord.

Psalm 25:15

Focus, well that is something we all have problems with don’t we? I am not going to lie being focused is not one of my strongest suites, but I am not going to give up either. Giving up is the worst thing one can ever do, that means you have lost total faith in who you are. Now, I know the average life of a middle class girl cannot always be easy and it is not the end of the world. That is the message of this bible verse. Being focused of ourselves is self – centered, just think if God was self- centered we all won’t be here right? So, choose this day to be focused on God and the plans that he has for you to do in your life.

Dear Lord, I thank you for your sacrifice to save me. Even though I am a sinner, you have purged me of my iniquities and freed me of my sinful ways. Father I pray for a sound and focused mind, so that I may serve you to the best of my abilities. Amen.


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