Straight Outta Compton With The Next Generation

California’s very own is here!! The N.W.A  movie is keeping it real, with the reality of racial profiling, discrimination, and violence. Straight Outta Compton starring, O‘shea jackson jr. as his father legendary rapper Ice CubeJason Mitchell as our creative genius the late Easy-E, and last but not least Corey Hawkins, playing the role as Dr. Dre along with so many others. The movie is based on the real lives of these Straight Outta Compton friends, whose determination to break free from their surroundings impacted the culture of Hip Hop forever. They are one of the most influential rap groups, making jerry curl’s cool and fresh. Along with putting the real definition of swagg  in their rhymes, ensembles, and a deep passion for life. This is N.W.A.

Here is the Trailer for this Iconic Biopic:

Straight Outta Compton in Theaters August 14

Where are you Straight Outta Of?


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