Amazing Love: (A Girl Devotional Series)

“As the Father has loved Me, so have I loved you,”

John 15:9

Love is a beautiful thing isn’t it? The love of God is even more precious. Just like the birds of the sky,He always  consistently remembers to supply their needs. Along with the waves on the sea shore, which gives use healing and relaxation. Could you only imagine how much God loves you too? I know, the word love has been miss used countless times. But, that does not happen with God. His love is sufficient, as well as his blessings. These words from John 15 were spoken by Jesus. Think about what He’s saying in the same way that His Father loves Him, He loves you! That’s complete, total love! Love that watches out for you, cares about you, will never, never fade away. Amazing!

Dear Father, I thank you for loving me despite my habitual actions.You love me that much! I am so thankful You do. I praise You for Your amazing love! Amen.


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