Reach Out &Touch (A Girl Devotional Series)

Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man.

Mark 1:41

Love is universal isn’t it? Do we reach out and touch others or even take anytime to understand them? Well, that is the moral of this bible verse. The human touch conveys love and acceptance, no matter how distasteful a person might be. Look at what Jesus did, a man with leprosy came to Him asking to be healed. Mind you, leprosy is a highly contagious disease and is spread through touching the sores of a leper. In Jesus’s day, having leprosy had meant you were pushed put of society. Lepers had to live away from their families and no one wanted to touch them. Jesus could have healed the man with just a word or even a thought. He didn’t have to touch him, but He did. Praise God that He cares enough to reach out and touch you. That’s real love!

Dear God, I thank you for loving me that much. What Jesus did helps me know that you’ll never turn away from me. I pray that I will live by His example. Amen.

Reach out & touch the hand of someone who you know needs it the most. Now, that’s really spreading God’s love!


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