The Wives Of The Patriarchs & The Wives Of King David ( By. Jill Eileen

97808007343121-183x283 Rebekah-Cover-183x283

I just checked out six more books by Jill Eileen Smith. The novels are The Wives Of The Patriarchs, Sarai, Rachel, and Rebekah. The Wives of the Patriarchs is a three-book biblical fiction series set in ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and ancient Canaan. Each story is a fictional rendering of the biblical account, focusing on one or more of Israel’s four matriarchs.

Enter a world where love isn’t always what it seems, and sincere longings can lead to devastating choices.

Meet Sarai, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah, all amidst a backdrop of deceit and control and a struggle to make a united family. Sometimes we must be careful what we wish for, as many of these matriarchs discovered much too well.

BBH_Michal_5-51-Final-183x283 Bathsheba-cover-183x283

I also, checked out The Wives Of King David novels to add to the collection, of amazing books with meaning and lessons.The Wives of King David Michal and Bathsheba, is a biblical fiction series set in ancient Israel during the reigns of King Saul and King David. Each story is a fictional rendering of the biblical account of three of David’s most well-known wives.

Enter a world filled with love and longing amidst political upheaval and palace intrigue. Read the real-life accounts of David and his wives in 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles, and many of David’s Psalms.

Get to know the man whom God called “a man after my own heart,” and then with the truth of Scripture in hand, imagine what it was like for the women who loved him.

If you have a book that inspires you, please comment and share your thoughts.

Happy Reading!!


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