Our Choice (A Girl Devotional Series)

We must pay more careful attention,therefore,

to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.

Hebrews 2:1

How do we see our parents? Do we just see them as or parents, or do we see them as someone who cares enough about our  preparation for adulthood? Well, that is the question of the hour, what do we see? Today, someone asked me that question, and I knew it was true. But, my heart was filled with so much of my own emotion, that I could not answer. Now, sitting here reflecting on what was said, that it finally dawn on me. Here is a truth bomb, that is the same way we treat God. He is our God and also our friend, but we treat Him as just the bad guy and not seeing His sincere correction and love.

But, here is how you can marry the too, and I hope this will help your relationship with your parent too. You love your parents or parent? Yes, so here is the truth. Don’t just look at them as just your parent, that you forget their also human and want you to be independent. If their teachings are of God, those lessons are to help you grow and to prepare you for adulthood. I know that being an adolescent or young adult is not easy, but if you listen to wise counsel it can be!

Trust and Obey!

Dear Father, Wow I thank you so much for revealing to me what was keeping me from truly understanding, my parents and You. Father, I ask that you will forgive me and help me to keep on growing in you. Amen.


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