Trust Focus(A Girl Devotional Series)

“Do not let your hearts be troubled.Trust in God; trust also in Me”

John 14:1

Is your heart discouraged by what people say? Do you feel sad and angry about things you cannot control? Well, Yes! God knew that your life would be tough sometimes. Jesus understands people. He knew that you’d put your hope for making things better in other people or in things. He wanted you to know that none of those things can give you peace. Only trusting in Him can settle your troubled heart.

It’s not easy to switch your trust focus. But, you gotta start somewhere. Believe that God knows what’s going on. Believe that He can do something to help you. Trust Him to do it.

Just take a deep breathe right now and let it go!!

Dear Father, I thank you for your peace. You are wonderful and kind, help me to just let go and trust. Amen.


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