Creative & Trendy Fall Decorations ( Courtesy Of The Dandelion Patch )

Featured Above: Simple As That

So, my favorite months are finally here! Fall is the perfect time to put those crafty hands to work and bring that warm and magical atmosphere of autumn into your home. Below, I have put together a few super simple craft ideas that are sure to spark some creativity!

Painted Pumpkins

Painting pumpkins a solid gold or white is a simple way to create a fun fall look without the threat of cheesy ghouls and goblins. You can also experiment with patterns like chevron, stripes, or polka dots. Paint your house number on a pumpkin and put it out by your mailbox as a fall address marker!

Featured Above: Brittany Estes – Featured Below: The 36th Avenue

Fall Garland

Garland is an easy way to decorate any area inside or outside your home. Drape it over your mantle, on your staircase, or even on your front yard fence to make that fall statement. As shown above, it can be made with bright fabrics, or with scraps of paper and collected fall leaves (as shown in the title photo).

Above Left: Hip Hostess – Above Right: The 36th Avenue

Party Planning

Make Fall Fun & Creative For The Whole Family!!


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