Kind Speech (A Girl Devotional Series)

The fruit of the Spirit is love,

joy, peaces, patience, kindness..

Galatians 5:22

What’s the sharpest, most dangerous item you can think of? The answer is our tongue. Yeah, it’s unreal how much the words we speak can hurt another person. Well, we’ve probably been on the receiving end of mean comments. You know how the bad feelings just lay on your heart making you feel bad like no one in the world could like you. Well, our unkind words do the same to others, too.

A life filled with the power of God’s Spirit is identifiable by kindness, that’s especially noticeable by the words that are spoken. Ask God to help you think about the words you speak and not just words but also the tone of your voice.

Be identified by kindness.

Dear Father, Wow, I never realized how words can impact someones life. I’m truly sorry. I ask if you’ll forgive me and help me to find the courage, to say I’m sorry to the people that I have hurt. Amen.


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