My Daily Acne Busters!!!

Nourished And Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask

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I just bought a new acne line!!!!!
From America’s #1 Scrub brand*, this new dual purpose formula combines oatmeal extract with 100% Natural Exfoliants. Use as a mark to nourish dry skin or as a scrub to smooth away dullness. The bumps on my skin just had to go!! So I scrubbed and did you know this is also a mask? Well, I left it on my face and I was commercial ready afterwards!!!!
Product  Benefits
– 100% natural exfoliants
– Sulfate free
– Oil-free
– Hypoallergenic
– Dermatologist tested
– Non-comedogenic

Now for the morning and evening exfoliation!!!

Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser

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I used the Burt’s Bees exfoliating acne purifying gel cleanser. Because during theses rough days, my skin becomes dirty and oily. The benefits of this wonderful cleanser  is clinically proven to help cleanse away acne-causing bacteria, excess oil and impurities without over-drying or irritating skin. Salicylic Acid, derived naturally from Willow Bark Extract, penetrates pores to help reduce acne and prevent future breakouts, in this natural purifying gel cleanser, while Evening Primrose and Beet Root Extracts help calm acne prone skin. The result is naturally clear and healthy-looking skin.

• Clinically proven to wash away acne causing bacteria, excess oil and impurities
• Soothes acne-prone skin
• Non-irritating
• Helps reduce acne and prevent breakouts with Salicylic Acid from Willow Bark
• Noncomedogenic
• Dermatologist Tested

In closing, what I use to moisturize my face is a simple day & night moisturizer and I  call it a day, night, and a year!!!!

Have a very beautiful day!!


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