Tips for Nature Walking (Courtesy Of The Wilderness Society)

Finding a place of serenity is so hard to find sometimes. Do you desire nature? Do you want to walk freely in it? If so, here is some helpful tips, to ensure a more pleasurable experience!!

Try these tips for tuning out chatter:

  • Listen closely to birds and insects, the wind moving past different leaves, and the sounds of earth underfoot.
  • Go alone or remain silent. Talking makes it difficult to tune in to nature.
  • Draw all your senses to one thing – a tree, a flower, a rock. Pay attention to how it looks, smells and feels.

Teaching children through nature walks

Nature walks present rare opportunities for first-hand learning and can be thrilling for kids. Here are some ideas for keeping your youngster engaged:

  • Bring a camera to photograph species your children can later identify.
  • Take time to look under rocks for salamanders and insects.
  • Bring a basic field guide – your child may be very interested in learning about the birds or butterflies you see.

Be brave and free!!!!!!!!!



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