74 Easy Pie Recipes, Plus 5 Homemade Pie Crusts (Courtesy Of Mr. Food)

74 Easy Pie Recipes Plus: 5 Homemade Crusts

Homemade pie from scratch is an indulgence only few of us have time to make, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy easy pie recipes that taste like homemade! From easy chocolate pie recipes and no bake cheesecake pie recipes to quick & easy pecan pie recipes and easy fruit pie recipes, the Editors at MrFood.com have collected 74 of our favorite deliciously easy pie recipes. Plus, we’ve included 5 no-fail recipes for making the perfect homemade pie crust! These fabulous desserts are truly “easy as pie”!

Fruit Pies

The trick to fruit pie recipes? Keep it simple and keep it all about the fruit. Whether it’s blueberry pie recipes or good old-fashioned apple pie recipes, the best fruit pies let the natural sweetness of the fruit speak for itself. Most people associate fruit pies with summer, but our selection of easy pie recipes can be enjoyed any time of year!

Cream Pies

Cream pies come in so many delectable varieties, it can be hard to choose a favorite. From classics like Boston Cream Pie and Chocolate Cream Pie to fun recipes such as Cookies ‘n’ Cream Pie and Pumpkin Crunch Cream Pie, we’ve got a host of amazing cream pies for you to make. Try ’em all — that way, you’ll never have to pick just one favorite!

Homemade Cheesecake Recipes

Cheesecakes are a decadent dessert that everyone loves to indulge in. In trust Mr. Food Test Kitchen fashion, you’ll find that our cheesecake recipes are as quick & easy to make, as they are great to eat! Whether you need a chocolate cheesecake recipe or a homemade New York cheesecake recipe, we’ve got a ton of easy recipes you’ll love!

Frozen & Ice Cream Pies

No matter if it’s a hot summer day or in the dead of winter, ice cream cravings can hit anytime! These frozen pies are just the thing: they’re easy to make ahead and freeze, plus the tasty mix of cold, creamy and crunchy is the perfect after-dinner treat. Frozen pies and ice cream pies are also great to bring along to any gathering.

Other Easy Pie Recipes

There’s some household favorites included here, like our Lemon Meringue, Easy Key Lime Pie, and Impossible Pumpkin Pie. Need a kid-friendly pie that’s sure to please? Try our fun desserts, like Pink Lemonade Pie and Candy Apple Pie. These fun pie recipes are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Pie Crust Recipes

When making homemade pie, you want that perfectly flaky pie crust you just can’t buy pre-made. Looking for an easy recipe for pie crust? From graham cracker pie crust to chocolate pie crust, we’ve included five simple pie crust recipes that are a must-have for any pie.


Have a delicious Holiday!!

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http://image: http://d2droglu4qf8st.cloudfront.net/1401/41/214173/Gooey-Amish-Caramel-Pie-OR_Category-CategoryPageDefault_ID-928986.jpg?v=928986

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http://image: http://d2droglu4qf8st.cloudfront.net/2015/06/222714/Chocolate-Cream-Pie_Category-CategoryPageDefault_ID-1022089.jpg?v=1022089

http://image: http://d2droglu4qf8st.cloudfront.net/1401/41/214147/Deep-Dish-Blueberry-Pie-OR_ID-923214-Master.jpg?v=923214


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