Tamar Braxton’s New Studio Album: Calling All Lovers ( Album Review)

Star of Braxton Family Values, Tamar & Vince, Talk show host, and Dancing With The Stars contestant. Tamar Braxton has done it again, with her determination to chase her dreams, and to never give up.  Tamar is a soul sister, whose constantly stunned us with her playful range. I love music, and I like to call myself a stickler when it comes to it. So here is my verdict!

  1. Angels & Demons: This song is very sultry and gives a very beautiful explanation on a relationship.
  2. Catfish: This one in particulate is my favorite, with that old  school vibe.
  3. Simple Things: Explains that money is not more important than love.
  4. Broken Record: Feels like an old jazz and 60’s groove.
  5. Never: This is a grown folk song for sure.
  6. Circles: This song represents self reflection.
  7. If I Don’t Have You: Is a representation of the expression, of begging to have love.
  8. Raise The Bar: Is the feelings of love between a man and a woman.
  9. I Love You: Expresses the different feelings of love, and it’s impact.
  10. Makin’ Love: Is the bond between a man and a woman song , just by themselves of course.
  11. Love It: Explains That nothing can compare or replace love.
  12. Must Be Good To You: Is a fun song to dance, and have a good time to.
  13. Free Fallin’: Is a song just fit for a sound track. It’s so whimsical and enchanted .
  14. King: I such a beautiful song, that makes you reminisce on life.
  15. S.O.N.: Talks about the problems men have in relationships.
  16. Coming Home: A song about loyalty, enjoying the embrace of your partner, and love.

Buy Now Calling All Lovers!!

Tamar Braxton has shown that no matter what age you are, you can achieve your dreams. Just Go for it, and trust God.



One thought on “Tamar Braxton’s New Studio Album: Calling All Lovers ( Album Review)

  1. Thank you for your comment. Although I am now aware of my typos, I do not appreciate your use of vulgar language. This post was an opinion piece, and I do appreciate you for reading it. Nevertheless, for future references be mindful of what you say on the world wide web and to people. You never know who you are speaking to. Instead smile with your fingers. Have a wonderful weekend and week!


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