Homemade Baby Food Vs. Store Bought: 5 Reasons To Consider

One of the biggest problems with food that is designed to be stored on shelves in grocery stores and supermarkets is that this food has a long shelf life of about 2 years. To make food stay ‘fresher’ for longer on the shelves, food has to be preserved and sterilized; organic as well as non-organic brands. This means that even when no additional preservatives are added, the food needs to be heated to maximum temperatures to ensure that it is not contaminated after months on the shelf. Along with this heating process all vitamins and nutrients are killed off too.

Non-organic foods also have any number of additives and preservatives added to enhance shelf life and when the food’s natural flavoring has been killed off during the heating process, artificial flavorings are often added as well to enhance the taste. Unhealthy fats are added instead of natural oils, to further extend the shelf life, while exposure to plastic containers increase the risk of toxins such as BPA.

1. It’s More Nutritious

Fruit and vegetables are amazing in their ability to deliver nutrition. From the antioxidant rich goodness of brightly colored vegetables, to the good source of fiber found in root vegetables and fruit, the vitamins, protein and minerals found in each type of fruit, vegetable, seed, legume and nut, these nutrients are essential to your child’s development. Children that have all of the nutrients they need learn faster, grow stronger and have far less risk of common illnesses. Preparing simple but healthy meals in advance will ensure that your baby gets the goodness he or she deserves, without all the extras that are so often found inside pre-made food from the shops.

2. You Decide and Know What Goes Inside the Food

If you are concerned about feeding your baby additives that you can hardly pronounce, you will likely take comfort in knowing that you have full control over what goes into your baby’s food. Other than healthy spices and herbs (which add variety to meals as well as an added dose of goodness), you do not have to worry about added sugars, salt, flavorings, thickeners, colorants and other scary ingredients that have no place in infant food. Instead, you will have food that is 100% pure at all times.

3. It Saves You Money

Think about the cost of a single serving of a store-bought jar of baby food. Then, multiply that by the number of meals in a day, and the number of meals in a month. It soon starts to add up. Buying bottled food in addition to buying food for the rest of the family often ends of costing a lot in the long run. With food that is made from scratch, you only need to buy the food that the rest of the family will eat. You may choose to invest in some helpful tools to make preparation easier, but even a once-off purchase of a the few tools that are needed will not cost as much as endless bottles of store-bought food.

4. It Saves You Time

Believe it or not, making your own baby food can end up saving you time as well. Shopping trips will be reduced without the need to read labels, decide on flavors and compare products. Feeding times will get much easier, because baby will enjoy the food far more when it is made fresh with tasty, various wholesome ingredients. You can prepare a full week of meals in a single afternoon, store in your freezer and simply pop out a perfectly sized portion to warm up in no time at all. You will feel less stressed, baby will feel less stressed and feeding times will become a lot more fun.

5. Baby Gets Exposed to More Flavors

Last, but certainly not least, another major benefit of making baby food at home is that it allows you to introduce flavors that are natural and tasty. Many store-bought baby foods are bland and unappetizing, with limited variety in combinations and flavors. Herbs and spices are seldom (if ever) used in bottled food either, resulting in food that is less than exciting for your baby. Keeping the ‘4 day wait rule’ in mind and exploring with some gentle herbs and spices, will allow you to add flavors that expand your baby’s taste buds. From sweet spices to aromatic herbs, natural sweetness and tasty combinations that blend fruit, vegetables and other foods, your baby will discover a world of taste sensations as new foods and flavors are sampled.

The introduction to solid foods need not be traumatic and difficult – for baby and parents. Experimenting with the delicious goodness powered by nature will turn feeding time into something that everyone will enjoy. And for this reason especially, there are few things that can match home made baby food.


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