Unbreak My Heart:Movie Review

Last night the whole of social media was raving about the Toni Braxton biopic: Unbreak My Heart. The movie is based on the life of seven-time Grammy award-winning Toni Braxton, and her rise to stardom, her financial difficulties, and her journey back to the mic stand. The movie not only exposed the secrets of the music industry but it also touched on some very difficult topics, like abortion, divorce, raising an autistic child, and facing a life-threatening illness. The pop singer faced it all. With the public humiliation and personal struggles Toni Braxton still kept her faith with the help of God and her family.

I watched the movie on Saturday night along with the whole world, and I have never seen such a powerful biopic before I saw this movie. Hats off to (Lex Scott Davis) as our Toni Braxton and for committing emotionally in the movie. Along with ( Debbi Morgan)  who played Toni Braxton’s mother, Evelyn Braxton with so many other amazing actors/actress, this movie has revealed to us the true meaning of a star and icon Toni Braxton.


Here is the Trailer for Unbreak My Heart:


In case you missed the movie here is the showing dates:

Sun, Jan 24 9:00 PM LIFE (140)
Mon, Jan 25 1:02 AM LIFE (140)
Sun, Jan 31 7:00 PM LIFE (140)
Sun, Jan 31 11:02 PM LIFE (140)

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