It’s Momentum Giveaway Day!!! (Ended Today)

Hello, my fellow bloggers!!


Today is the first day of many giveaways here on Health, Food, & Gossip.  Today’s giveaway is very special because it is all about you and your journey. I recently found an amazing company to team up with me, to spread the health message with encouraging words. The company is called “Momentum”. Their message is “inspirational jewelry including Motivate Wraps™, FootNotes™, suede cuffs, headbands, earrings, and necklaces that blends fashion with function. Everyone gets motivated in different ways and so we have made our pieces customizable to personalize your workout experience! Whether it be “BEAST MODE” or “find joy in the JOURNEY”, there truly is a perfect match for everyone”.

Here is a photo of my momentum bracelet called Find joy in the Journey:





To win an encouraging bracelet to inspire you every day, please contact me in my contacts box saying one the following:

What inspires me everyday?

What motivates me?

What are the goals that I want to achieve?


Once you’ve been chosen, please send me your name and address information and which saying, color, and item you would like through the contacts box, so momentum designs can rush your bracelet to you.

Here is the list of sayings, colors, and item pieces:


For more information on Momentum designs visit:


Can’t wait to hear from you guys!


Danna XOXO




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