From The Land Down Under: Spotlighting A Jewelry Designers Story

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I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. This year on Health, Food, & Gossip, I am  sharing the creations and stories on many bloggers and designers. I am truly honored to be able to share the story of such a jewelry designer by the name of Renae Akroyd-Schwar. Renea was kind enough to give us and exclusive timeline of her journey to becoming a jewelry designer here on Health, Food, & Gossip. Here is Renea’s story!


I didn’t have a clue at the time, but my introduction to jewelry design came via a market clairvoyant in London. It was probably 2001. I had an event management company & was solely focused & driven on growing that.

I sat across from the clairvoyant & she very clearly and confidently told me I was a jewelry designer. I scoffed at her and mentally rolled my eyes. My apologies to that lady now. 

I didn’t know the first thing about jewelry. I didn’t wear it and apart from a watch, I didn’t own any.  My friends and I laughed about it over lunch that day.

Six years on, I was home in Australia, pregnant with my second child and suffering from morning sickness (would you believe) through color!! In particular color combinations, mainly winter brown & blues or brown & pink tones… Every time I saw these colors together they made me feel horribly queasy. Totally weird I know!  But I mention it now because colour & colour combinations do play a large part in my designs and inspire me. 

My son who I was pregnant with at the time is incredibly creative. He continually amazes & intrigues us. I had very little creativity & imagination prior to having him. No craft experience what-so-ever! And I believe he gave me a little bit of it. Somehow. However, that works? But while I was pregnant with him I walked into a bead shop. I had been given a beautiful necklace that I had never worn because the shape of the neckline didn’t suit me. So I bought some wire and rethread it. $50,000 later.. lol. Arts & crafts are expensive! 

Anyhow, today, One Red Bird is an eclectic mix and a modern take on vintage-inspired jewellery. The idea of mixing the old with the new has always had a certain draw and eclecticism appeals and still very much inspires me. The ocean is a big influence as I live by the sea, so it’s also a little bit beachy.  

These elements together with my love for detail and colour is One Red Bird!

Wow! I am so grateful that I was able to hear such a story and to be trusted with it.

Here is a glimpse of Renae’s Creations:


For more information on Renae’s Jewelry go to

If you would like to be featured just like Renae, contact me in the contacts box!!




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