My Favorite Things: Teas!!

My first tea that I love so  much is Raspberry leaf tea!!


Raspberry Leaf tea:

Gently nurturing and a friend of women.

Herbal Power
Supports healthy menstruation, tones the uterus and may be used for menstrual cramps.*

Reason to Love
Of course, the delectable fruit of Rubus idaeus is a well-known and well-loved summer treat, but it’s the raspberry leaf you’ll find in this tea. With a silvery under leaf that is reminiscent of the moon’s glow, European and Native American women have used raspberry leaf for thousands of years for menstrual support, menstrual cramps and during pregnancy as a healthy tonic to help prepare the womb for childbirth.* We love this tea for its gently nurturing properties, and its robust taste, which is reminiscent of a delicate and mildly fruity black tea.

Full-bodied, like a fine black tea (without the caffeine!).

P.S. with honey it’s better than coffee.



My second is the Pomegranate Tea!!!


Pomegranate Tea has so amazing health benefits:

Pomegranate Nutrients

A number of nutrients in pomegranate juice varies depending on the brand and how much you use. One brand of concentrated pomegranate juice suggests mixing about 3 tablespoons of juice with 7 ounces of fluid. This serving provides 16 percent of the daily value of fiber and 10 percent of potassium, based on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet. You’ll need about 4 tablespoons of regular pomegranate juice per cup of tea. Generic pomegranate juice has 3 percent of the DV of potassium and 8 percent of vitamin K in a 4-tablespoon serving, reports the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Potassium helps lower blood pressure and maintain a steady heartbeat while vitamin K is needed for healthy bones and blood clotting.

Increase the Antioxidants

Both pomegranate juice and tea contain antioxidants called flavonoids, which are natural, plant-based compounds. Pomegranate juice contains flavonoids called anthocyanins and anthoxanthins. The flavonoids in green tea are catechins while black tea is a rich source of theaflavins and thearubigins, reports the Linus Pauling Institute. One benefit of drinking pomegranate tea comes from the overall increase in antioxidants because pomegranate juice has more antioxidant capacity than green or black tea, according to an article in the January 2010 issue of the “Nutrition Journal.

Cardiovascular Benefits

After researchers reviewed 13 completed studies, they concluded that the catechins in green tea help lower blood pressure, according to an article published in the May 2014 issue of the “European Journal of Nutrition.” This review also reported that green tea may help reduce blood levels of total cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins, or LDL, also called bad cholesterol. Pomegranate juice could also boost cardiovascular health because by preventing cholesterol from contributing to plaque buildup in your arteries, according to another review in “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine” in November 2012. As plaque accumulates in arteries, it can restrict blood flow and raise your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Cancer Prevention

Laboratory research suggests that the flavonoids in green and black tea may help prevent some types of cancer. When cervical cancer cells were treated in the laboratory with two flavonoids — epigallocatechin gallate from green tea and theaflavins from black tea — both compounds inhibited the growth of the cells, according to a study published in “Oncology Research” in 2011. The theaflavins in black tea may also fight the spread of prostate cancer by causing cancer cells to die, reported researchers of a study published in the August 2013 issue “Oncology Reports.” However, clinical research with human subjects is still needed to verify the effectiveness of these compounds in cancer prevention.





Wow! Who knew that tea was delicious and nutritious! Thanks, Sheema x .



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: Teas!!

  1. This was so informative and fun Danna.. I love the fun facts too.. Makes it so enjoyable! 😍 Thanks so much for writing this, I’m gonna do some tea shopping over the next few days and this has been so helpful.. Thank you once again! ☕️👌🏻

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