Beauty From The Nile: Egyptian Magic Moisturizer

My world is now flying on golden wings!!! It’s all because of one jar and one touch.


Th Egyptian Magic Moisturizer is my life saver! With the natural ingredients of  Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis & Divine Love.

Wow!!! With all of those natural ingredients my skin if left feeling like and Egyptian princess. Plus, both my mother and I love Egyptian Magic, because it helps with her eczema and my sensitive skin.


Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream “The People’s Choice” is made with the blessings and guidance of our ancestors.

No additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals nor parabens, not tested on animals.

Egyptian Magic is sold through upscale health food stores, perfumeries, homeopathic pharmacies, and estheticians’ all across the globe. In addition gynecologists, plastic surgeons, homeopathic physicians, chiropractors from all over the world sell Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream at their practices.

Step 1


Take a moderate amount with your finger. A small amount will go a long way.

Step 2


Rub the cream in your palms until it takes the form of oil.

Step 3


Apply gently on the skin.

There you have it! Moist and voluptuous skin!

Thank Egyptian Magic!

Bonus Info by Egyptian Magic!

– Our “endorsements” page with all the rave reviews from celebrities and fashion magazines:
– Our “best uses” page with the many different uses of Egyptian Magic, from hydrating dry and stressed skin to fading scars, healing burns or removing make-up:
– Now at  Wholefoods and just launched at Target (target.com

Keep on the lookout and visit: &!!!




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