Getting Skinny For The Summer: Organic Skin Care Tutorial (Review)

The discovery continues!!!! I just found something that is organic of course and you can use it as a multi-purpose product. I’m talking about the organically made skincare and body care company “Skinny & Company”.

This Travel Kit Includes:

2oz Skinny Coconut Oil
2oz Sugar Scrub
2oz Whipped Body Butter – Original
2oz Facial Oil
2oz Peppermint Oil Pulling Oil
3.5oz Coffee Soap
Peppermint Lip Balm
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Spoon
Convenient Clear Travel Bag

What a treat!! All of these goodies in one bag.


I’m so happy that I’ve found this company because I have sensitive skin, so finding  products that I can rely on for my overall health is so comforting.  Even, down to the Peppermint Oil Pulling Oil! Let me tell you that my teeth never felt so clean and fresh before. Plus, the facial oil is a great makeup remover ladies Ok!!


100% Pure: Other manufacturers take advantage of the FDA rule that allows for up to 20% cheaper, filler oils to be added to coconut oil. Their coconut oil is 100% pure coconut oil and you can literally see the difference (Their  jar is in the middle).

100% Raw: Unlike other cold-pressed coconut oils that can heat coconut oil up to 120 degrees, we use a unique, patent-pending process called “Nutralock Technology” that keeps the oil under 100 degrees and 100% raw.

100% Virgin: Their coconut oil is processed in the same jungle where the coconuts are wild-harvested so the oil is as virgin as it can possibly be. There is less than 5 hours from when the coconut is picked to when it is processed.


Here is a visual review of the products that I received:



Come on and help me and Skinny and Company change the world with a healthy attitude!

Join the movement and visit:

For more handpicked from the jungle treats.







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