My Decaf Excursions Imported!!

This week I traveled far and wide! I went to Colombia, Ethiopia and Guatemala. Just kidding, I only tried tasted a morsel of these beautiful countries, that I hope to one day visit. I owe it all to  My wish came true finally, here is a little glimpse of my experience. Mind you these bags are full of decaf coffee beans.



The Colombia Decaf has a spicy and toasty taste. OMG!!! I did not know what to do with myself, my mouth was in paradise. Just like Sofia Vergara  I take my coffee black









The Ethiopia and Guatemala have the same flavor, almost like chocolate mixed with cinnamon flavor in my opinion. The whole experience was captivating and enlightening.  I’ll say that traveling gives a person a chance to value life even more.

Special thanks to Cafe Imports for bringing different cultures right to my door step.




Get your very own blend at:











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