Becoming a Vegan Series: Jilz Gluten- Free Crackers

Calling all  health enthusiasts, vegans, semi-vegetarians and workout fanatics! I found a new snack that is my go to fix on my vegan journey, this snack is gluten-free, crispy and also tasty. Jilz Gluten- Free Crackers!!



These crackers are healthy and delicious! My favorite is the Tuscan crackers, the flavor is like an Italian bread with sundried tomatoes. Great with grapes and Red Wine.




My second favorite is the Mediterranean crackers with a nice garlic and  lavender flavor, this will go well with your favorite appetizer topper.




The last of these amazing additions to my plate is the classic Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt!! If you are a lover of Nutella this is a nice sweet and salty combination.


I can’t wait to go back and indulge in health. I don’t want to indulge by myself so get your pack of crackers and let’s dine!

Go to : and have an Eat, Prey, & Love moment too.





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