It’s a Brownie, It’s a Brittle? It’s Brownie Brittle!

Yum! Yum! Yum!!!!! OMG! Guys, I went  to heaven and came back. These Brownie Brittles by Sheila G are so delicious, they’re a combination of the brownie crusts and the hard brittle bark that we all love.

Here is my delicious recount!! I would love to show the real bags, but I eat them so fast that they made their way inside the trash! My bad.



The Peanut butter brittle is my favorite out of the five brittles! Let’s just say it did not last more than two days. It was so addictive and the real peanut butter cups inside made it luxurious.



OMG!! Talk about Christmas coming early in the spring time. This Salted Carmel Flavored Brittle reminded me of a caramel candy with a little hint of saltiness. This is my salty and sweet fix.



Of course, you have to have the classic plain chocolate. My all-time favorite! This reminds me of a chocolate brownie honestly. My older brother tried this and my bag went missing!!!



NO WORDS!!!! Just delicious and it almost tastes like a snicker bar and twix all in one with a brownie taste.



The last of the five bags and the only real photo. I must say this has been a heck of a chocolaty ride! This Mint Chocolate Brittle is so refreshing and sadly it just finished today.

Special thanks, Sheila G and the brittle family. You know if you guys can make an EggNog brittle you have my business forever!!! Pretty please!



Get your bag of heaven and tell me how you like them:





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