The Damsel in Distress Jewelry Series: Laura J Designs

Once a upon a time in the great wide woods. There is a beautiful Damsel in Distress, she was playful, witty, and giggly, until on day when her favorite ruby necklace turned missing. Her world was crushed and she began to feel distraught. Then see started to search on Instagram for a new necklace, but none could match the radiance of her beautiful ruby necklace as she once thought. At 6:30 pm at night her dream of having a necklace that is even more beautiful than her first necklace came true. It’s all because of the magic of Laura J Designs. Her life was changed and her kingdom was saved!! By one single stone.




This stone brought back life to her heart and to her smile!

Therefore, if beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, than I’ve found it.



Laura J Designs has unbroken my heart, for who could ever imagine that such beauty could come from a box.

Create your own fairy tale at:









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