Becoming a Vegan Series: Sustainable Indulgence Weekend!

Welcome back to my Becoming a Vegan Series!!! In this series, we are discovering different vegan indulgences that are nutritious and delicious. Last time we talked about gluten-free crackers,but this time, we are tackling something that we all love. COOKIES! What I’m about to uncover for you aren’t just any cookies, they are dairy free, preservative free, and gluten-free. This is Sustainable Indulgence Cookies. These cookies are amazing, they taste amazing and the flavors are simply indescribable. Let’s Dig right in shall we!

First on the table: The  Almond Chia Cookie

The flavor in the Almond Chia cookie resembles an Amond Joy for real! The crunchiness of the crust, then when you get into the center of the cookie, I swear your teeth just sinks right into it. This cookie would make a wonderful edition to your holiday table, especially for the cookie lovers in your family.










The Chocolate Chipster Cookie:


Ok, I have an allergic reaction to dairy so this is my chocolate fix. This chocolate masterpiece is packed with flax seeds and loaded with organic chocolate chips. For my fellow chocolate lovers out there who wants to indulge in a delicious treat that is cholesterol free! Please try this one.






The  Oatmeal Raisin Cookie:

This is my 1# choice for those late night study times and when hunger is calling. The flavor is same as if you were having a classic oatmeal cookie, the sweet natural flavor of the Goji Berry and the oats you will not be disappointed in this nightcap.










The Pecan Maple Bliss Cookie: Bliss is just the tip of the ice burg to describe the Pecan Maple Cookie. I’m going, to be honest, I’m not the avid pecan eater, I don’t even like pecan pie! So I once thought, I must say I am a believer in Pecan, I’m a believer in Pecan Pie, and in this cookie. I have converted.










The Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie:

I believe I have found my place in the chocolate lovers society now! I now know how it feels to indulge in a nice chocolate snack or dessert, no more allergic reactions to dairy for me and I’m feeling like I won the lottery!










The Fruit & Nut FUEL Mini’s: As a Childbirth Educator Student, I am reading allot and studying for exams. This is better than coffee,and without feeling wired. This is my fuel! I feel energized and ready to take on anything! The nutty and sweet combination is stellar and I can eat without monitoring the nutritional facts or counting calories.











These cookies are amazing and I honestly can’t see myself living without them. So I will be indulging in these cookies once more.


Begin your race to eating healthy at and share your sustainable story too!








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