Danna’s Box: My Essential Oils Guide

My essential oil lovers!!!! I have such an amazing gift to share with you, and I have shared a lot with you about food, beauty, and health. This time we are talking about essential oils, these essenatial oil samples are great for a goodnight sleep and for hair care.  Here is my descriptions:

Sample 1: – Hair Care Oil

What’s in it:

Rosemary x10

Geranium x5

Lavender x5

How to use it:

This is undiluted so don’t apply directly to skin. You can add some droplets to shampoo or conditioner, or even a carrier oil such as coconut or almond and massage into hair.

This hair care oil is AMAZING!!!!! My hair feels just like the Bee Gees song “Emotions”. I was just on cloud nine and I still am, the infusion of the lavender  made my sleep heavenly and my hair is thriving.



Samples 2:- Better Sleep

What’s in it:

Sweet Dreams Blend x15 drops

Marjoram x4 drops

Vetiver x1 drop


How to use it:

Dab on your pillow or in a diffuser while sleeping. If you are directly applying to skin, best is to dilute it, especially with sensitive skin.

This sleep oil is very effective and is my cure for insomnia. I applied the sleep oil to my coconut oil and it went amazing, plus I tried it on my mother and she loved it. If you need an escape from a stressful day, please try this oil blend.


For more amazing oils visit:https://www.essentialoilsguide.com.au







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