Product Of Greece: Kasandrinos Olive Oil

My food tasting experience continues! This time my plate is tasting the flavors of pure Grecian Olive Oil, and I owe it all to Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I know that olive oil is known to be very organic and preservative-free, but these days you never know what is pure from unnatural. The extra virgin olive oil from Kasandrinos hardly has a taste and the smell is not offensive, and I’m just being really observant that color has a rich light green color, unlike the other olive oil brands. I honesty believe that I can now add a more natural twist to my favorite dishes now!

I’m so happy to be living healthy on natural ingredients.


imageThis Kasandrinos olive oil is my go-to dressing for my olive appetizers.


P.S. Kasandrinos dosen’t just have olive oil! They have body soaps and much more. Visit: and become an Olympian in your home.








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