Qivana System: Four Items to Optimal Health

The system is here for optimal health, for the perfect blood pressure, weight lose, beautiful skin, and great digestion. These products that I’m so excited to show you are incredible and the results are proven in the lives of others. Here is my Qivana System:

The Skinshift Hyaluronic Serum 1 oz)


Hyaluronic acid is a powerful ingredient that provides the skin with continuous moisture as it can bind up to 1,000 times its weight in water. This can give you the baby smooth skin you want. Since this serum contains a high volume of hyaluronic acid, it can help make up for the amount that is lost in the skin as you age. This decrease becomes more significant after the age of 40 which is why it is essential to have a product that offers this. This substance helps to improve the moisture and elasticity of the skin. In addition, it can aid in reversing damage done by free radicals as well as aiding in the reduction of deep wrinkles.

Key Benefits:

Provides hyaluronic acid, which is vital to younger looking skin
Improves the elasticity of your skin while reducing wrinkles
Reverses the damage done to your skin by free radicals
Provides day-long moisture to your skin


My skin is a whole new person and I feel like a brand new person! Let’s just say for me age will only be a number in years to come.



Prime Nitric Oxide Activator 30 CT


Our arteries are the transportation highway for oxygen and nutrient rich blood to reach every organ, tissue, and cell in our body. And Nitric-Oxide (N-O) is the nutrient that keeps this highway wide-open, flexible, and smooth for blood to flow freely. At age 40, we experience a natural but dramatic decline in Nitric Oxide production. Without intervention, our arteries tend to narrow and stiffen, creating a buildup of plaque, compromising blood flow. PRIME gives you a daily shot of powerful nutrients proven to promote N-O production and maximize blood flow.


Key Benefits:

Promotes vasodilation (expansion of arteries and blood vessels) critical for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, that are already in a normal range
Maximizes circulation – signals the arterial smooth muscle to relax, dilating blood vessels, and improving blood flow
Prevents premature cardiovascular aging by promoting blood vessel flexibility and health
Encourages normal sexual function in both men and women by enhancing blood flow to penile and vaginal tissues
Promotes neuronal communication and blood flow to the brain, which encourages clear thinking, faster cognition, and enhanced memory recall
Improved blood flow leads to improvements in energy, mood, and general feelings of well-being.


Since I’m young and I don’t have this type of deficiency, my mother tried this product since her blood pressure can sometimes be unstable, and within minutes her blood pressure went down. She said that her body feels  energized and youthful now!



Qore Probiotic, 30 Pk)

image image

Health starts in your gut. It’s where harmful invaders are disarmed, energy is extracted from food, and toxins are removed. These important duties are performed by probiotics – the trillions of friendly bacteria that live in your intestines. Your health depends on their health.
Stress, poor nutrition, prescription drugs, alcohol, and caffeine all compromise this colony, and your health. QORE Probiotics give you billions of new, fresh, healthy bacteria, delivered right to your gut. Our world-class delivery system is superior to any other method for keeping the bacteria alive until they reach your intestine where they can thrive and multiply.


Key Benefits:

Probiotics are key to maintaining a regular digestive tract that consistently removes waste and toxins.
Probiotics are your first line of defense and are critical for a normal immune response to harmful invaders.
Probiotics make vitamins, extract nutrients from food and ensure proper absorption of nutrients.

Theis product is a fast acting digestion helper! My brother has a digestion problem and sometimes it can be very painful for him. After, taking 1 capsule of the probiotics his pains went away and he’s back to eating the foods that he loves. Which is a bonus!!!



Metaboliq Shake, 15PK ( Chocolate Flavored)




Not enough time to eat right? Not to worry, the Shake is designed as the ideal portable meal replacement. It will transform your body in no time. Far different from cheap imitations on the market it’s made from a combination of proteins that maximize the fat-burning phase after a meal. It’s also infused with the highest purity of amino acids available that are non-animal sourced.
The shake is not just a good source of proteins, but a balanced meal that includes other nutrients vital your body depends on – fiber, healthy fats, and smart carbohydrates. This isn’t a starvation plan. Not only will you be amazed by how good it tastes, but also by how long you feel satisfied and without cravings.


Key Benefits:

Keeps you satisfied for 4 full hours at a time so you don’t overeat at mealtime – no need to starve here
Initiates muscle protein synthesis and gives your muscles the metabolic equivalent of 1 hour lifting at the gym.
Triggers and sustains fat-burning for 3-4 hours per shake
Corrects the root cause of weight gain(your metabolism) by improving the fat-burning efficiency of the mitochondria in muscle and limiting new fat storage
Promotes targeted weight loss – burns excess fat while building and protecting lean muscles and organs
Leads to a sustainable and noticeable body shape improvement within weeks.

This is an amazing shake, especially for those like me whose appetite is not raging and for those who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle to achieve weight loss. The shakes are  dairy free and come on who dosen’t love CHOCOLATE!


You  can save 20-30% OFF retail by becoming a Preferred Customer, so visit: http://www.qivanaproducts.com to start your journey to getting the look and the health that you deserve, naturally of course.











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