Write Your Chronicles: Rogue Journals

Some say that a story starts with a beginning and then ends with and ending, but how do we know where to start first. I remember when I recieved my first journal, I remember the fresh smell of the blank papers, and the firm binding on the binder. I like to think that I’ve written most of my life in the pages of a journal, just like this blog that I like to call my second home. I have began a new journey in my life, I am studying to become a Childbirth Educator to bring peace and tranquility to the birthing field. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that this path would be my love and my joy, I’m especially glad that I have a new journal to fill with experiences and more memories. The moment almost feels like a Silver Heart Locking, just like my Silver Heart Locking Journal by: Rogue Journals.

imageThis beautiful keepsake Journal is made  Heirloom quality leather with a heart locket and a key to keep your privacy locked away in your heart.


Solid Chrome-Silver Heart lock with key
Perfect size for pocket, backpack, or purse!

Saddle Tan

Violet Tamarind leaf Paper

128 pages (64 sheets) of your favorite handmade Saa paper
Comes hand-sewn with your choice of 4 Acid-Free papers
Leather Strap Closure made from 5/8 inch wide leather fully wraps around the journal and holds your book secure
Fine Grain, A-grade, Heirloom quality leather

My heart is open now!


To my words, memories, thoughts, feelings, and my rogue journal.

Be apart of my journal club and tell me in the comments box how has having a journal helped you. Visit:http://roguejournals.com/index.php and open your heart and tell them Danna sent you!




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