A Blenders Paradise Series: Clean Blend Blender

When life gives you lemons what do you do? You make lemonade! When you need a vacation where do you go? To paradise and welcome to my blenders paradise. This amazing world of fruits and relaxation has a whole new name, Clean Blend.

The Clean Blend Blender:

imageThis is the Michael Jackson of blends. As seen on the Ellen Degeneres Show, this Cleanblend blender is designed to help you through the journey to better health. It is a 3 horsepower, a dynamo of a blender, that will liquefy fruits and vegetables to get the most vitamins, proteins and antioxidants from the whole food into one delicious drink. The Cleanblend blender is less expensive than its competition but with all the same features. Guaranteed for five (5) years and have focused on quality in every detail, including a BPA Free container.

Info on the blender!

  • Efficient 3 horsepower motor
  • Oversized, virtually unbreakable 64-ounce BPA Free container
  • Stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearing
  • Includes tamper wand for extreme processing power
  • Metal-to-metal driver
  • NEW 5 Year Warranty Included (Previously a 2-year warranty)



Make some noise!!!!! This blender will make a perfect gift for you, your loved ones, and for busy moms on the go.


Here is my  video featuring my Clean Blend blender:



Here is one of my creations using the Clean Blend Blender: Homemade Apple Sauce



My life is getting better and better!

Here is the link to get your blending on: https://www.cleanblend.com/










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