Becoming A Vegan Series: Simple Mills Artisan Bread

Becoming vegan meanings you are completely breaking up with meat and preservatives, right? Well, even though we give up our old ways, old habits have been said to die hard! You can give up gluten, but you don’t have to give up bread. Thanks to Simple Mills our cravings will be satisfied.

The Simple Mills Artisan Bread Mix is anything, but grainy and crumbly. I made Artisan Flat Bread with this mix, and I was just in whole different dimension. The flavor of herbs was amazing , with  the crispy crust and soft center captivated my taste buds.



If I can be honest, I have tried many different gluten free product mixes, but this is the only bread mix that I truly love!


Come and share in my taste feast:


I created a lovely dipping sauce, with olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, and oregano, to complement

You see transitioning to vegan-ism doesn’t have to be hard or gross. All you need is salt, pepper, and the right baking mix!

Join my vegan journey and enjoy the many different flavors of .






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