Gluten-Free Heaven: Namaste Foods (Baking Tutorial)

Another adventure!!! My fellow bloggers and food lovers  we are taking a different route this time, into a  foodie’s oasis. Get your plate and forks ready, because we are going to be trying something totally new. The products featured are from our  allergy-friendly friends at Namaste Foods. I would love to write to about it, but sometimes visualization is better.


Here is my day with Namaste Foods:


 The Pumpkin Baking Mix is an all-purpose baking mix. You can also make pancakes, muffins, cookies, and bread.
The egg replacer is a substitute for adding eggs in your vegan dishes. The egg replacer works best when making baked goods from scratch. 












For the finished product!

Soft and crispy Pumpkin Cookies, they are gluten-free and delicious.




No matter what ingredients that are missing, no matter the taste you can eat healthy with flavor. If there is a mix or recipe that you need help decoding ask me and let’s discover it together.

Thank you for making my Gluten-Free living delicious.

Start your journey!






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