Becoming A Vegan Series: Emmys Organics Macaroons

For my coconut lovers out there! Are you ready to experience coconut in a different way? Well, here it is, thanks to Emmys Organics we can do that. The creativity to make gluten-free and raw vegan  coconut macaroons are amazing.

Here are my gifts and my favorite flavors:

IMG_20160422_1623123 (1)

*The Chocolate Chip is so good and with the raw coconut and chocolate chips inside makes it luxurious.

*The Coconut Vanilla is like having a virgin pina colada and combining the vanilla is not even mind-blowing it’s mouth blowing.

*The Mint Chip is very refreshing if I might add is a great snack to eat and  leaving your breath fresh after enjoying it. BONUS!



*The Dark CaCao resembles a dark chocolate almond joy and it’s so incredible how the coconut is really organic with each bite.

*The Lemon Ginger screams spring to me with a tangy and zesty flavor, my spring staple.

*The Raspberry is unforgettable in the words of Nat King Cole.


I’m so over the moon with COCONUT!!! Thank you so much Emmy Organics.



Visit: and see all the amazing products and have a calorie free life.






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