Gluten-Free Living: Deland Bakery

From sunny beaches, to amusement park fun!! That’s not only what the orange state offers, and the secret is now going to be exposed!! All week I’ve been talking about gluten-free bread and desserts, so let’s keep with the theme shall we. The Deland Bakery is a company with 25 years of experience, composed by a team of talented people committed to offer the best-baked goods. A team that strives every day to establish high-quality services, building a relationship of trust and satisfaction with their customers Since 1989.  Let’s just say that’s the kind of energy you want making your fresh goods right? Well, they did that for me and brought sunshine to my door!!

Here is what they brought me:


Millet Breads: The flavor was very light and went great with my sauteed tofu and cabbage for brunch. To be honest, I have never really  been a bread person, but I am now!!!  Especially knowing that my bread was made with good quality ingredients,which made the whole experience phenomenal.



My Grab on the go snacks:

Gluten Free Original Granola:

I basically ate the whole thing! The granola really helped me to enjoy different nuts in a more appetizing  way.

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies:

This does not even taste gluten-free! The cookies resemble store bought cookies, except they’re not.  Finished it all in one day, by the way.

Organic Millet Flax Cinnamon Chips:

These chips are very delicious, and my mother truly appreciated them . All of the treats are fresh and great quality ingredients.



I must say! Were these really shipped Deland Bakery? Just by tasting them I would never know.


Visit: and begin something amazing! Tell them Danna sent you.









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