Microwaveable Indulgences: Quinn Popcorn

One of my favorite things to eat  in the whole wide world is popcorn!!!  This popcorn that I’m about to describe is the greatest thing that I have seen, stuck in the microwave, and eaten. Quinn Popcorn has so many of our favorite flavors such as Vermont Maple, Parmesan,  and Butter. My favorite flavors are the REAL BUTTER & SEA SALT, VERMONT MAPLE & SEA SALT, and PARMESAN & ROSEMARY.



The Parmesan & Rosemary flavor is like having a cheese and rosemary pasta dinner. That’s how gourmet this flavor is, I believe my brother loved it even more than me. My bowl went missing and I tried to get it back, let’s just say it was VERY impossible. THANKS, Quinn Popcorn! Thanks allot.






The VERMONT MAPLE & SEA SALT is my FAVORITE OMG!! I am so serious this is almost like eating cracker jacks, with a hint of butter and sea salt. This is my favorite Quinn popcorn flavor, and the bonus is the popcorn is vegan and gluten-free. Ladies, we found our snack.





The Real Butter & Sea Salt is the classic butter and salty combination. I am just in love with these popcorn flavors, what I am about say may sound weird, but if I could marry the Vermont & Salt flavor I would most definitely be married to it for 100 years. If you tried these flavors you would say the same thing too!


Visit:http://www.quinnsnacks.com/ and please tell them Danna sent you!






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