Becoming A Vegan Series: Second Nature Snacks

When you look around you what do your see? Do you see trees? Birds or the presence of human life? I’ll tell you what I envision, I see peace all around me and a clear path on a long road of discovery. I am on this beautiful Journey, discovering different tastes and understand how they’re made. I have spoken about a lot of delicious foods on this becoming a vegan journey, containing healthy snacks and desserts. Let’s continue our Journey with foods of nature from Second Nature Snacks. Theses second nature snacks are great for running on the go, crushing those cravings for unhealthy snacks, and it’s satisfying.


Here is my trip to nature within a box:



My trail mix medleys are the Naked Medley and the Simplicity Medley.  image

The Naked Medley is my ultimate favorite with the sweet flavor of the raisins and the different tree nuts makes a great snack to pack in your purse, lunchbox, even over your favorite yogurt snack. I’ve tried the yogurt combination with the Medley and I scored on this experiment.

What’s Inside the packet:


Whole Almond

Whole Cashews



The Simplicity Medley seriously takes you to the Amazon forests and  to white shores of the Caribbean. The exotic combination of the dried fruits and tree nuts takes you somewhere beyond your couch or work office, the flavors are simply captivating.

What’s Inside the packet:

Whole Almonds

Dried Cranberries

Whole Cashews

Sunflower Kernels

Dried Blueberries


Second Nature abides by  simple rules: Instinctive. Fun. Good habit forming. In they’re words… it’s got to be ‘second nature’. They also believe that the foundation of a strong mind and body starts with what you eat — and what you eat is best when found in nature. With proper portions and smarter choices, snacking can enhance, rather than hurt, your diet.


If you love that saying YOLO what about your health? Live a healthy YOLO life, that also includes your health.

Visit: and tell them Danna sent you!





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