Gourmet Brittles From Tennessee: Brittle Brothers

Who doesn’t like to have an Eat, Pray, Love moment? Let’s continue the tour shall we? We have talked about so many different snacks and the importance of eating healthy. Some of them were chocolate covered, dried, and simply delicious. The Brittle Brothers Company has taken the number one spot when it comes to eating peanut brittle. Before, we indulge in these gluten-free brittles.

Here is the Story behind Brittle Brothers.

Years ago, John Spalding’s search for good peanut brittle only turned up cheap brittles with very few nuts. So, in 1987, John dusted off Great-Grandma Spalding’s old fashioned peanut brittle recipe from the 1860’s and went to work.

After countless hours of tweaking the recipe, John found that by reducing the corn syrup and sugar in his recipe, while at the same time increasing the amount of healthy nuts in his brittle, he could produce the most delicious and healthiest brittle ever made – and it would be a healthier alternative to almost all other varieties of brittle out there. Most brittles carry as much as 20 to 35 grams of sugar per serving, each of the Brittle Brothers’ brittles have sugar levels less than 12 grams per serving. Less sugar and more nuts – what a perfect snack with some serious protein and a just a little bit of sugar.

Encouraged by family and friends, the Brittle Brothers Gourmet Brittle Company was born in Nashville, TN in the fall of 2006. Take one bite and you will instantly understand why this truly is the most delicious brittle made in America!!


That’s exactly what we’re about to do and take a bite into all of these brittles!



Featured Brittles:

Pecan Brittle


The Pecan Brittle is such a dream, I have expressed in the past that pecans are not my favorite nuts. Thankfully I once had that thought! The pecan brittle is unlike another brittle that I’ve tried, the brittle wasn’t overwhelmed by sugar, instead, I had more nuts with a nice sugar glaze.





The peanut brittle!!! No words to describe this peanut brittle other than it’s the best thing ever created. PLEASE try this and once you try one peanut the box will disappear.



3.Bacon Brittle:


Well, the bacon brittle I couldn’t try it, unfortunately because I’m a vegan. Despite the fact that I couldn’t eat it, I sure did have a lot of volunteers to take it off my hands. My mother personally loved the bacon brittle and with the bacon bits within the crystallized brittle was described as eating and listening to the Bee Gees song, How Deep Is Your Love.





The Cashew Brittle was surprisingly delicious, I’ve always had cashews with a hint of salt, but never in a sweet brittle. The amount of peanuts that you get in each bite is outstanding because usually you eat more sugar than nuts.



Here is a video of our Brittle Brothers at work:



Brittle Brothers brittles are sold in variety packs and singles, don’t make love wait! Visit:http://brittlebrothers.com/ and see if Brittle Brothers are sold in a retail location near you. Tell them Danna sent you.


Thank you Brittle Brothers for bring real nut brittles to my life!








2 thoughts on “Gourmet Brittles From Tennessee: Brittle Brothers

  1. This is the best brittle under Gods green earth!! Thank you so very much for turning me onto this delicious treat! I already know when I’m getting my friends for Christmas. 🙂

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