Jewelry For A Purpose:Tiffany’s Loc Jewels

Hair is our crown of glory and covers the intelligence within our minds. We also go through a hair journey too. We curl our hair, straighten it, and loc it. I remember when I first began to loc my hair, it was a beautiful experience! To feel my natural hair grow and blossom was and still is captivating. The creative and beautiful loc jewelry from Tiffany’s Loc Jewels is so inspiring and transforms you into a golden goddess. This month marked the collective voices of those spreading the awareness of autism, so in honor of this month Tiffany is displaying her jewels for a cause collection.

Here is the Autism Awareness  Loc Jewelry, by Tiffany’s:




The Loc Jewelry was so easy to place on my hair, all I had to do was slip one of the Locs through the jewelry hole and it was on. Tiffany’s collection also offers hair mists to keep your locs and your hair refreshed, the mists are in different scents to fit your needs.


This month is a time to celebrate life no matter what disability you have, you are alive and many people are here to support you.


To see the full collection of Tiffany’s  visit here site: and Etsy shop: so you can rock your Autism Awareness Loc Jewelry in the fight to cure autism.

Follow Tiffany on social media:





Who said you have to travel to New York to shop at Tiffany’s!






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