Sweet Tooth Edition: Mrsthinsters Cookie Thins

What I’m about the explain to you is really going to knock your socks off, and transform the way we look at cookies. The Mrsthinsters Cookie Thins are incredible!!! Their cookies except the cookies are thins instead of raised. Let’s starting eating, I mean getting to know these delicious cookies a little better.


Toasted Coconut


The Toasted Coconut cookie is exactly like eating toasted coconut. I am just blown away to see how they created such a flat cookie like this and a delicious one if I might add. The packaging is very clean and just be prepared for the time of your life.



Cake Batter


If you like to clean the bowl of cake batter after you make your cakes, then you are in the right place. The Cake Batter cookie tastes just like the vanilla cake batter, with the same essence of the batter and combined with the cookie you have a winner.



Brownie Batter


The brownie batter cookie is like having a brownie cookie, the taste resembles the authentic brownie batter and the crunchy texture of the cookie melts in your mouth just like the  brownies you make at home.





Chocolate Chip


I would have never thought that a chocolate chip cookie could be this thin and still have the fresh taste as if it were homemade. This is the winner and the crowd pleaser in my home!


The Mrsthinsters Cookie Thins are great cookie snacks and since their thin they can get addictive. Just a warning!

Visit:http://mrsthinsters.com/ and experience deliciousness in a thin way. Tell them Danna sent you!






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