Mother’s Day Gift Idea Series: Afriq Boutiq Jewelry

Mother’s Day is almost here and I know those shopping lists are pretty long  right? The thing is what do we get? Should we get fragrances? A candle or chocolates? I think I know what might be a great gift for your mother or that special woman in your life. Jewelry!!! Definitely jewelry, but not just any jewels  the jewelry from Afriq Boutiq. These incredible jewelry pieces will make any mom feel special on this beautiful day.


The  Jewelry from  Afriq Boutiq reflects what a woman truly is, strong, powerful, radiant, lovely, compassionate, and provides warm hugs.




When I first saw this tribal necklace, I instantly was captivated by the vibrant colors and the detail of the design. The texture of the necklace is very strong and the color of the beads resembles spring, and the statement jewel in the center on  the necklace really  makes me  feel like a queen in my green forest. I never realized how a single piece of jewelry can change your whole attitude and mood from feeling ordinary to extraordinary.


Thank you Afriq Boutiq for making my week amazing and for giving me some ideas for my Mother’s Day present.


You can also create a spectacular Mother’s Day for the special woman in your life! Visit: to see all of their jewelry sets, bangles, earrings, and much more. What better way to say happy Mother’s Day than to make her feel like a Queen. Tell them Danna sent!

You can also follow Afriq Boutiq on social media:



Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!




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