Bathroom Beauty Series: La Tourangelle Coconut Oil

I’m so happy that our Bathroom Beauty Series is back!!!  The  beauty is back and were continuing with our Bodycare regimen, the coconut from La Tourangelle is so luxurious and comes on smooth.


These coconut oils are multi-purpose you can even use it in you hair, body and cooking. Of course, you have to set a designated coconut oil for cooking and personal care. Here is my secret to waking up moisturized.





Here is my new coconut oil for all of my frying and baking:


I have used this coconut for sautéing and deep frying, I  noticed a complete change in the way my foods taste. My food is little and the flavor is very tropical no make what dish you make, coconut oil will not take away from your flavors.




Here is my Bodycare and Hair care coconut oil:


In my honest opinion, my hair and skin have improved for the better. My hair smells like a coconut tart and my skin glows like a shining star. This is great for the spring to keep your skin beauty, plus the summertime is coming so the sun is going to be red hot. This makes a great sunscreen.



Here are my coconut oil confessions:

I hope you enjoyed my oil confession? Please subscribe and comment in the box for suggestions and tips if needed.

Special thanks to  I am getting ready for the summer and please try their product!!! Tell them Danna sent you.





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