Gifts of A Friend: Savor St. Croix

The gift of life is a valuable gift from God. The gift of  having people is irreplaceable, even the birds of the sky have their families to feed and a purpose. Just like the birds of the sky we too have a purpose, a purpose to make sure no one what’s for anything, or hunger for anything. The Savor St. Croix subscription and Caribbean goods company, brings the Islands to the ones who crave comfort and peace of the islands. Savor St. Croix  shares the flavors of the Islands will fellow natives and many who desire the Island life. Here is my Caribbean experience from my Island to you!








The Gooseberry BBQ Sauce is great on chicken, ribs, tofu, fish and anything you want to lend a Crucian twist to. I recently tried the gooseberry BBQ sauce over chicken breast, with chives and sesame oil. The flavor was SPECTACULAR!!! Let’s just say I wowed my whole family, and since we are from the St. Croix this was such a treat. The flavor was sweet and the aftertaste is tangy, adding the sesame oil made this from a  Caribbean night to an oriental night.




Cultural Island Dessert Butter Cookies:



These butter cookies are amazing!!! This was the best dessert cookies, the flavor was very light and not too offensive. The design of the cookies symbolizes Virgin Islands love that you will feel in each bite.




I am so proud of Savor St. Croix for spreading Island love from afar. To get your boxes of love visit: and tell them Danna sent their love to you!



Stay safe and Cool!!










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