Mother’s Day is over, but not the celebration! Finding  the perfect gift for mom sometimes isn’t always found on Mother’s Day, let’s continue to celebrate mom. The Candles from Grace Note Candle are refreshing, with the rich blends of essential oils and natural essenes.



My pink magnolia candle from Grace Note is so relaxing and awakens me in the morning, plus I hardly even need coffee in the morning. Just kidding I’m still having coffee, beacause I love it! The fresh scents of the pure essential oils can make your world vibrant.



This is nature at it’s best right here in this jar, so please take a moment to experience my excitement with Grace Note Candles!


I hope this gift will make your day bright as it has genuinely made mine. You can get your candle too! By using the coupon code BACK4MORE for 15% off your next purchase, on . Thank you so much to Grace Note and have a wonderful Mother’s Day week with me.






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