Organically Fit Series: BodyArmor Sports Drinks

The BodyArmor Sports Drinks are EXPLOSIVE!!!! They have such a  natural flavors, natural sweeteners, and no artificial colors. I feel so energized each time that I drink it, and it’s the superior hydrating. BodyArmor is the sports drink for today’s athlete, providing Superior Hydration by combining Electrolytes, Coconut Water, Vitamins with no artificial additives. I’m so glad that I ditch the other artificial sports drinks & switched to BODYARMOR!!!!! These super drinks are Gluten-Free, No Caffeine, and Certified Kosher.


Here are my new favorites that I received from BODYARMOR:




1# Strawberry Banana Super Drink:


This tastes just like a strawberry and banana smoothie. I am so refreshed and so relaxed and I almost feel like I’m on a Tropical Island. This doesn’t have an offensive flavor.




2# Orange Mango Super Drink:



Talk about getting tropical!! The orange & mango is the ultimate summer, plus this makes a great refreshing  cocktail on the rocks, and even at the gym.




3# Fruit Punch Super Drink:


I swear this is just like having fresh fruit punch from Hawaii!! Please try this flavor, you would not regret it and especially after a vigorous workout this drink may taste like it has so much sugar, but this is not the case. It’s that good.




4#Tropical Punch Super Drink:



One word that describes this flavor and it’s Paradise!  My mother’s favorite.




5# Mixed Berry Super Drink:


This is a unique combination of a blue raspberry and fresh watermelon. The berry flavor is too delicious, my brothers love this flavor and they don’t even like anything mixed berry. This flavor has changed their mind completely.



6# Blackout Berry Super Drinks:



This is the ultimate Mamba Drink!!! I honestly feel like I’m winning an NBA championship whenever I drink this flavor.



Here is my awesome video review with a very special guest:



BODYARMOR you have made me want to workout just to drink your super drinks. Please try these DELICIOUS super drinks!! Visit: and become a different animal, but a beast like the black Mamba.


Mamba OUT!




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