Summer Party Ideas: Dippin Chips

Summer is almost here!!!!!! I like to think time is only numbers, but moments are forever. The season of cool drinks and party appetizers is almost upon us, so let’s start planning. The gluten-free party Dippin chips from Party-Tizers will make your summer even yummier. The gluten-free dipping chips are like a mini bowl, they cup up all of the delicious dips that will leave your mouth screaming OMG!

I had the same reaction because I could not believe these chips are gluten-free. Here are my recommendations and my favorite flavors.




1.  The Original flavor is outstanding! The sea salt flavor is very little and this chips will pair very well with a hot spinach artichoke dip.




2. Super Grains surprisingly was delicious, the flavor of the  quinoa, amaranth & black was hardly noticeable. Salsa is the definite choice.



3. Veggie chips are so GOOD! You don’t even have to dip these chips in a dip, the veggie flavor is very refreshing and a great way for your kids to eat their veggies in chips.




4. Fiesta Bean is the ultimate Mexican dream gluten-free chip. The flavor of the black beans makes me feel like I’m have fried beans. This chip would be great for a haystack with more beans, lettuce, tomato and all the trimmings.




5. Blue Corn is my favorite and will go great with my homemade salsa.image

I am so happy with this chip and there isn’t too much sea salt on the chip. All of the flavors are very creative and unique. They are all gluten-free and I love summer now.



I am so happy to have found happiness for the summer! Visit: and enjoy a gluten-free delicious life.






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