Sweet Mama: Mommy & Me Treats

I’m in heaven!!!!!!! The mommy and me treats are so dreamy,  the creativity of their treats are so cute and sentimental.  Mommy and Me Sweet Treats is an all-natural bakery that specializes in unique and traditional treats. Mommy and Me Sweet Treats started out as a family past time but soon developed into something much more. After starting a tradition of providing delicious treats as gifts to family and friends during the holidays as an expression to show their love to those who are most dear to us. To my amazement, the treats that are prepared were enjoyed so much, that I was strongly encouraged to share the love that they express in treats with others.


Here is Mommy & Me Treats Cookies Cups:



The cookie cups samples provided by Mommy & Me Treats:

1. Chocolate Chip Cup:


OMG!!!!! This cookie cups is so moist in the center and crispy on the crust. I am so surprised that I actually love it this much.



2. Oatmeal Raisin Cup:


Is very luxurious and not too sweet! The raisins  taste fresh and the soft center is captivating. Once again not too sweet.



3. Winky- Blinky Cup:


No words. The chocolate chips in the center and the crispy crust on the exterior is without a doubt amazing.




4. Chocolate Chip Pecan Cup:



This resembles a Danish chocolate, the luxuriousness of the fresh pecan nut is nice and their cute.


The treats are affordable,  they also have cookie cakes and cookie bars!!! I have to try their cookie cakes next.



Here is my sweet video for Mommy & Me Treats:


I have truly found my site for all things delicious and a special gift for the one you love. Visit:http://www.mommyandmetreats.com/ to see their whole collection of delicious treats with love. You can also find them in Wholefoods. Tell them Danna sent you and have fun!





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