Bathroom Beauty Series: Wicked Good Perfume

It’s Bathroom Beauty Series!!!!! I am always so excited to do these bathroom beauty series because that means we are trying some REALLY amazing products. This time is not makeup, cleansers, oils, it’s PERFUME!!! Not just any perfume, it’s wicked good. The perfume company Wicked Good Perfume, is a vegan and cruelty-free perfume company. The perfumes are Gone With The Wind fabulous and the scents are truly one of a kind. The scents are instantly seductive, pure pleasure wrapped in the impulsive charm of chic beauty and fragrance. Startlingly fresh and complex accords explode in an unexpected unveiling of fresh herbs, wildcrafted spices, gourmand notes and super fruit accords blended worth modern flair to give the fragrance a truly unique signature.


Here are my new fragrance samples from Wicked Good Perfume:

The Honeysuckle fragrance sample:




The Vanilla Apricot fragrance sample:





Here is my Perfume Teenage Dream Discovery:


In the words of Wicked Good Perfume: “Smell with all your senses, but most of all your  imagination.  I honestly feel as if I uncovered a hidden treasure.


I hope you guys are having fun!!! Please try these fragrances and turn your summer into magic: Visit: to see all of their different perfume scents and products. Tell them Danna sent you!







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