Creativity & Leather: Heather’s Fire & Leather

The season for fashion is here!! Some of the most legendary styles were made of leather, from leather jackets, shoes, bags, and now bracelets. The jewelry company that I’m about to show you will blow your mind, the purpose is to create something out of nothing. Heather’s Fire & Leather, is inspired by all of the broken, discarded, damaged jewelry. Why throw away a beautiful brooch because the back is broken? She will put it together with leather and make a cool bracelet!

Here is my leather charm:



The Crystal gemstones and whimsical beading are very enchanting, adding the leather at the end of the bracelet really makes is fierce and dainty at the same time. Just look at how the sunlight shows off the leather and the beading, imagine how this will look around your wrist.

You will just have to find out!! Visit: to see all of her amazing jewelry pieces.


Why wait till we’re old to have something borrowed or something new? Tell her Danna sent you!





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