Diary Free Living: Nada Moo Ice Cream

I have discovered happiness in one pint of ice cream. The Ice Cream from Nada Moo is OUT of the world delicious, the ice cream is dairy free, made with coconut milk and has so many flavors to choose from. The flavors range all the way from mint, pecan, chocolate and chia. Here is my dairy free ice cream confession.



I bought four pints of ice from Nada Moo and with the help of my family, I’m left with only two pints. The Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor.

Let’s break the flavors down:



The Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is very rich and creamy, with the fresh vanilla bean extracts with each bite that just captivates my taste buds. If I can be very honest, I never would have ever dreamed of eating something this delicious, for it being gluten free and dairy free is a bonus. The dream continues and this time, it’s chocolate!!



The Chocolate Ice Cream is out of this world yummy! The rich chocolate and coconut milk flavor resemble a coconut almond joy bar.  This Chocolate Ice Cream left me wanting more, that’s why I only have to pints left!


*Disclaimer: You will become addicted to this Ice Cream so just prepare yourself.


You can visit:http://nadamoo.com/ to see all of their amazing flavors and much more. Please tell me how you’re enjoying your time with Nada Moo!






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